Refinish single side of a door is usually between $350-$400 – this is an average estimate – the cost can go up or down depending on the door. For an accurate quote, please send pictures of the door and a brief description of what you would like to have done. Material costs are included.

Resurfacing of wooden garage door(s) are, on average, $250 per door (for example, a 2-car garage would be $500.) Material costs are not included and are $60-$70 on average.

Service calls start at $150. These generally include door adjustments, sweep/weatherstrip/hardware/threshold replacement plus cost of materials such as new sweep, new threshold, etc.

Pre-hung door installation starts at $300, slab (non pre-hung) installation starts at $350. On-site consultation is recommended prior to scheduling.

Removal of existing door unit and replacing with new unit starts at $550. On-site consultation is recommended prior to scheduling.

Removal of old door glass and replacement with new starts at $200. Customer must be in possession of correct sized glass prior to scheduling an appointment. On-site consultation is recommended prior to scheduling.

On-site consultation: on-site consultation if free for customers who resided within 25 miles of our base area (South Austin.) For customers who reside outside of this area, a trip charge will be applied.

Trip charge: A trip charge is applies to customers who reside 25 miles or more outside of our base area (South Austin) and is to be determined depending on distance.

Cancellation policy: Customer must call to cancel 48 hours prior to the appointment date, otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% will be billed to the customer.

Warranty: All work is guaranteed for 1 year after job completion.